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London, UK

The larval form of the anthurium amphibians after their hatching. It is characterized by the merging of the head and the trunk into a massive mass similarly, with a huge head and the presence of a long tail. They are exclusively aquatic organisms and breathe with gills, which are initially external and are behind their heads; then the gills are enclosed in a cavity and made internally to eventually transform into the lungs into the adult person. During their transformation, the back legs and later the front legs appear, while the long tail begins to shorten until it disappears. At the same time, various other morphological and physiological changes are made, until they are transformed into perfectly small individuals, similar to their parents. The timing of the transformation and its duration varies according to species, as well as their size.Most tadpoles are herbivorous and during metamorphosis the mouth and internal organs are rearranged to prepare for an adult carnivorous lifestyle.

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