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Series of 36

Paris, France

The place, where according to M.Foucault, the imaginary obtains a material quality and, while borrowing the three-dimensional public space for its embodiment, essentially it is realized elsewhere. In places of debauchery and brothels I creep into the  heterotropia of sexual exploration and liberation. Here the condemned sexuality as found protected and concealed , free and imprisoned together. 

Juggling with what organised society dissipates to the margins, or marginalises, I meet the human content of the confinement imposed by the hypocrisy towards some of its members , regarding them as carcinomas in its supposedly healthy body. 

In this work, the colors and the dreamy lighting signify the sexual atmosphere, accentuating a heterotopia of divergence haunted by fantasy.

My images constitute a self educating proposition, a ticket in the abyss of ourselves where the Minotaur of each of us dwells. It remains to behold him, recognise him, so that even if we decide to kill him within us , since we have seen his tragic face, we can accept him in understanding and mercy, to or for those who need to keep him alive.

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