Roma, Greece

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Around Greece

Roma. It is a minority well-known to Greeks, who teeter among every kind of stereotype. “Beggars,” “thieves,” “drug and arms dealers,” in reality, people whom the Greek society has pushed to the margin. Historical, social, cultural and other falsified or suppressed constructs contribute to the creation of these exotic stereotypes of “Gypsies.” In turn, the stereotypes are the foundation of the marginalization, alienation and apathy of the Greek state and society to problems affecting the Roma.
Roma are spread across Greece, finding shelter mainly in camps under tents or in prefabricated homes. Electricity and water are largely unavailable, and voting is a privilege known to few. 
My purpose with this work is to escape from the modern cynical gaze of the Western society and provide a different dimension to the understanding of this minority. In search of this understanding of the minority, the “Balamos” (Roma call other Greeks as such) will be faced with their own image and misconceptions, having to look deep into the mirror.


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