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Series of 15

Royal College of Art

My new series of portraits is a response to the age of pandemic. The portraits come from imagery generated by prevalent technological platforms such as Zoom, now synonymous with public cloud video conferencing and online meetings. This new way of communication is now the generally accepted and widespread choice to stop the spread of the virus. 

 My portrait series singles out instances of meetings with multiple participants. The selected portraits are expanded far beyond their photorealistic resolution through low-tech printing available to me which includes the technical glitches. To connect these technologically harvested portraits again with the real life of the elements, the weather and the city, I exposed the works within my wider quarantine zone, my small urban garden, where the portraits where completed by daily weather conditions. 

I want to express through my process the complex relationship between the virtual and the real we have to navigate at this moment of time;  the painterly surfaces of the portraits created by the elements connect to the desire for more direct and durational encounters: the longing of the involuntary zoom generation to being exposed to nature, touch and connection.

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