Series of 18

Krakow, Poland

The dark room is the retreat of the photographer. It is a fragile, delicate place where the slightest disruption can destroy the image. A place where he can isolate his images and his thoughts, so as to later reveal to the public with great vigour. In the dark room we guess a specific, solitary act, remaining focused, and what comes to imagination is a dull, secret and red atmosphere. 
All men's happiness resides in the imagination. 
Ciemnia is the Polish word for the darkroom and is also the name of a place that I discovered in Crakow. A dark and sexual place, lair to various ecstacies. The red light here suggests immodest moments that we struggle to watch. Since there are no two sides on the globe which are virtuous in the same way, I keep wondering about this freedomthat allows me to photograph this place. Why do i allow myself here when I was forbidden elsewhere? What do we show while wandering in secret locations?What is there in these places that can disturb the light?
Modesty is a lighting issue. 
Red in the darkroom develops intimate moments. They are revealed in a scorhing, dramatic,scene and sometimes embarrassing.


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