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Series of 9

For the past year, the seaside has always been a place of freedom and relaxation for me. An escape from the contradictions of everyday life found in the simplicity of repeated rhythms, like a heartbeat. In the contrast between the wet unmoving sand and the waves in constant motion, I come to feel the greater play of human symbolism. The constant element of myself along with the ever-changing dynamic part, the soul, that seeks to journey into light and dark places, draw the lines of my mental cartographies. 


The juxtaposition of nature and these inner workings of the mind, of thoughts and actions, place us in a position to always interpret, very much like the artist that never leaves the world without meaning and so I relocate my experience into a new space... perhaps a dystopian one perhaps not …. in the face of which the viewer is invited to create their own self-narrative. An invitation to experience the world as a totality which must include the authentic self. 


In my project I wish to reach the core of the seascapes, outside their geographical coordinates, not as a pictorial composition of the elements but as my personal visual journey (or mediation) that is out of scale of scale, time and space. This alternative approach aims to give a different 

understanding and experience of the natural landscape and to open a path to view our habitat from inside out but at the same time to digest that there is no such thing as linear time. This is a window to deeper experience.

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